Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Special Day With My Grandchildren

Today I picked my grandson up from kindergarten. In the car on the way home he said, “Grandma, I can drive.” I said you can’t drive. Maybe you can steer, but you don’t know the rules of the road.” He said, “I know all the rules of the road but one. I said, “Which one don’t you know?” He said, “ I don’t know how to steer!  *LOL*

Tonight while lying in bed with my two year old granddaughter she said, “I want a wet wipe.” I asked her what she wanted it for and she said, “poop”. She was holding her elephant so I asked her if she wanted it for her Dumbo elephant. She said, “Yes”. I asked if a kleenex would be all right and she said, “Yes”. I handed her a kleenex. She proceeded to wipe the elephants bottom. Then she wiped the elephants face. Then she wiped her face. Then she started shredding the kleenex.

Good quality time with the kids. What could be more fun than this?  *LOL*

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