Thursday, March 18, 2010

Census 2010

I was online today and the conversation came up about sending in the Census for 2010.

What is the big deal? I got mine in the mail. It says on the outside of the envelope “Your Response Is Required By Law”.  Unless you are a criminal or here illegally fill it out and send it in.

We are so blessed in the United States. Most every person can read. If they cannot read they won’t be the ones filling this out anyway.

The head of the house is called “person 1”, and will most likely be the one to fill out the census. The form says, “Start here”. Pretty self explanatory, don’t you think? It tells you exactly who you should count in your household. Then it ask 10 questions about the head of the house. These are very basic questions. Example: Do you own or rent, your name, date of birth, telephone number, race. These are not hard or trick questions.

Then if anyone else lives in the house they will be “person 2, person 3, person 4 etc. There are only 7 questions for them and they are basically the same.

I filled mine out today in the parent pick up at school. Then I read a magazine and worked a sudoku puzzle.

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