Thursday, April 8, 2010

Should You Throw Your Children’s Toys Away if They Don’t Pick Them Up?

After surfing through the internet I have discovered I am not the only one that bags up toys and get rid of them if they are not picked up.
I don’t remember having to do this with my children, but my grandson is a different story.  He's 6 and I have been getting rid of his toys for years. Let's face it kids are going to make a mess, but when told to pick up their toys they need to do it. If he doesn't I will give him a time frame. If the toys are still all over I will put them all in a bag. Some I will give back over time, and some I will give to children that will appreciate them.
Our problem is they have birthdays and Christmas at home, at great grandmas, at dads, and at grandpas. My mom, their great grandma, will ask me what he wants for an occasion, and I will say, "Don't give him anything you don't want me to throw away."

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