Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bows, Barrets & Headbands

Lilac Ribbon Bow with Sheer Daisy Comb

Pretty ribbon bow attached to hair comb has sheer daisy and pearl accents.
The bows are available in Lilac (shown), White, Pink, Light Blue, and Ivory

Aqua & White Little Girl's Ribbon Flower Barrettes

Adorable little ribbon flowers decorate this set of two barrettes. Matches our Lito and Blossom dresses!
These barrettes are available in Yellow, White, Pink, Lilac, Ivory,Fuchsia, Brown & White, Brown & Pink, Light Blue, and Aqua (shown).

Little Girl's Pink Ribbon Flowers Headband

Adorable Headband With Pretty Ribboned Flowers, goes great with our Lito Spring dresses!
Headbands are available in Fuchsia, Pink (shown), White, Black & White, Brown & White, Burgundy, Red, Lilac and Silver & White.

If you would like to see our dresses click here.


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