Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Dangerous Are Power Cords?

How dangerous are the adaptor cords you plug in for things like a Nintendo DS, Computer, etc. that you leave plugged into the wall and don't have the unit plugged into it?
These seems dangerous to me, but it seems to be the norm around our house. How powerful are these?

My granddaughter is two and puts everything she can get her hands on in her mouth. Ya think this is why some of her hair is curly and some of it is straight? *S* It appears logical to me that if I put my tongue on the open end of this electrical cord I would get some kind of jolt. I'm a little nuts, but I'm not going to do this on purpose.

When my daughter was about two or three she brought me a screwdriver and told me that it bit her. I looked at it and there was a corner missing off the bottom part of the screwdriver that was now black. I asked her to show me where she was when it bit her and she took me to an electrical outlet. How scary is that?

Actually this wasn't quite as scary as when my son was two and plugged a soldering iron into the outlet then stuck it in his mouth. It hadn't had time to get extremly hot, but of course he screamed. All I could think of were his eyes. It could have been his eyes.

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  1. When Courtney was 4 we were at the video store where I worked. She had never put anything into an outlet. She was the worlds most perfect baby, she never did all that baby stuff. This day I was closing down the store so it was just her and I and she was sitting in a chair holding my keys. I was standing right there but just as quickly as i turned my head to say no she stuck my keys into the outlet. The whole store lost power and I screamed. I just knew something horrible had happend. Just as quick as the power went off it came back on and she was just looking at me like I did it. I checked her hands and arms and everything else I could scan over with my eyes. She was perfect nothing on her at all. I keep plastic color coated covers on my keys so I will know what key goes to what. I found out later that she was holding that part of the key and that is why she had no marks on her. I thank God everyday that I had those plastic pieces on my keys and to this day I still do. I keep those plastic outlet covers in my house at all times now. I am kind of crazy about it. I cover everything even though most of my children are old enough to know better. There is always that one time and you could even be standing right there.