Sunday, October 4, 2009

A New Dog For Mom

My mom has almost never been without a dog. Several month ago her little poodle died. For those of you that love animals, you know it can be like loosing a family member. Well everyone wanted her to run out and get another dog. She grieved, and just couldn’t bring herself to get another dog at that time.

A few months passed and she decided she was ready. Everyone in the family started looking for a dog for her. She had very strict qualifications in looking for this dog. It had to be AKC registered, had to be a puppy, could only weigh so much, had to be brown or black, and female.

Believe me this was no easy task! It never occurred to any of us that finding this dog would be so hard. She finally talked to a lady that bred poodles. The next litter wouldn’t be born for a few more weeks. Then because they were small, she wouldn’t sell them until they were nine weeks old.

Just over a weed ago that nine weeks was up. The dog was about two hours away from were we live. My daughter arranged to get off work so she could drive Mom to pick up her new puppy.

This puppy is adorable, and I wanted to get it for Mom, but with those strict rules of hers this one just wouldn’t do. If you, or someone you know is interested in getting a new dog check out this little puppy. She is looking for a good home and loves children.

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