Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shouldn’t Your Child Take Martial Arts?

Wish I had known about Karate when I was growing up. Not only is this good exercise, but it teaches self discipline, and can keep you safe.

Most boys are rough and ready to wrestle around anytime. With martial arts they learn to control their actions.

I believe it is important for kids, especially girls, to learn some type of self defense. Sad to say our world can be scary, and everyone should have a way to protect themselves.

To kids it is just a game, but later in life you never know what you will come up against. Why not buy them a costume and let them dress up like a ninja? Maybe this would encourage them to want to take lessons.

Toddler karate ninja set includes headband, jumpsuit and waist sash.

Child's karate ninja set includes hooded shirt, face scarf, pants, waist sash, and arm and leg ties.

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