Thursday, November 19, 2009

International Men’s Day

November 19, 2009 is International Men’s Day. Not National Men’s Day, but International Men’s Day. I just learned about this from a calendar that I looked up on the internet. Who knew this?

Just about everybody knows about Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. Now I learn we have a day especially designed for men. Well that’s OK, I know a lot of men that deserve a special day just for them. I also know a lot of women that deserve to have a special day. I promise you I am not a woman’s libber, but I looked through the whole calendar and didn’t find anything special for females.

Well hurray for the men! I’m already to celebrate, but I am going to celebrate with a little man. Ready set go! Let’s get dressed up and go.

What do you think of this little man? His knickers are hounds tooth print and come with an ivory shirt, bow tie, suspenders and a very smart looking cap.

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