Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fighting with my Blog

Well I had a little fight with my blog, but it seems to have shaped up, and now is behaving nicely.
It's time to get serious and start catching up on my blogging.

Life has been good! I went to the beach the other day. It was so much fun! I told one of my girlfriends, and she commented on how she couldn't even remember how to do that. It had been such a long time since she had been. So I explained it to her.

You get a bunch of stuff together. Pile it in the car, go to the beach and drag it all back out and haul it to the sand. Then you set it all up neatly, and plop into a chair. After a minute or two things are not so neat anymore and there is sand on everything. So you sit there and vegetate for a while. Then you try to walk through the HOT sand that feels like quicksand beneath your feet to the water so you can get some of the sand off. Hopefully you don't get knocked down by a wave. Then you work your way back through the quicksand, which is very HOT, and plop back in the chair. After you do this two or three times you pack everything back up and haul it back to the car so you can try to get it all in there again. Drive home feeling quite grimy. Unload the car, clean everything up, put it away, get a shower, claps, and say, "I went to the beach today. It was so much fun!"

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  1. lol.. too funny... very good way of putting it :)